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Voilá l'été ...
asoiaf, red sun
today was the first day of summer that actually felt like summer, and since I didn't post a video for a very long time, I decided for silly nostalgia today. "Voilá l'été" was one of the big summer hits of 1993, the summer, I spend in France (in the South), and I can never prevent a smirk when they are making fun for those who spend their summer "dans le midi". Even though, it's years back, I still have a soft spot for "Les Negresses Vertes". In the last years, there appeared a couple of bands playing the kind of music that mixes French chanson, roma music, rai, ska and other "ethnic" music, but in the 90s, they were pretty unique. 


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(Deleted comment)
Haha. I don't know why they chose that name. I always found it weird, but I liked the music anyway.

What book did you read? I had to work most of the day, unfortunately.

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